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What does it mean a esta hora?

  Directly it means "At This Hour". In Spanish it could mean "in this hour", like "at this time", a kind of romantic touch.
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Que hora es reply?

  To reply to this you'd say " son las (time)". For example to say its 3:40 you say "son la tres cuarenta" or to say for example 20 till 4 you simply say "veinte para las (MORE)

How do you answer que hora es in spanish?

Use either of these two phrases to start your response ["son las ..." or "es la ..."]: 1. "Son las diez y media" [It is 10:30, or whatever time it is]. Use this phrase for a (MORE)
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What is La Hora Latina?

This refers to the cultural tendency of some Hispanic people to not arrive super punctually to events and appointments. The stereotype goes; if you invite a bunch of Latinos t (MORE)
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What does hora de salida mean?

In Spanish, it directly translates into "Hour of output", but in good English, it would be "Departure time."
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How do you respond to A que hora termina?

They are asking, "At what time does it end?" You should reply with a time. (Example: "A las seis." - "At six.") 'A las....' = 'at....' + one of these numbers: dos/tres/cu (MORE)