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What are hormones?

chemicals secreted by the body to produce changes in physical appearance, metabolism, growth, reproductive behavior, and emotions. Hormones are organic chemical messengers, ( Full Answer )
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What is a hormone?

A hormone is a chemical that your endocrine glands send throughout your body. Hormones (which can be protein or lipid in nature) affect your growth, puberty, metabolism, wei ( Full Answer )
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What is hormone?

A hormone is a chemical substance produced by the specially formed tissues are called endocrine glands.
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What do hormones do?

hormones are a chemical message to the brain to signal something to occur.. eg: menstruation, puberty.. Hormones make evrything happen during puberty, from having your perio ( Full Answer )
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What is hormones?

Hormones are formed in the endocrine system. Any internally secreted compounds that affect functions of specifically receptive organs or tissues. :D
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What does a hormone do?

Hormones are chemicals produced in the body that regulate functions within the organism. Example: Insulin is a hormone. It is produced to regulate sugar levels in the blood af ( Full Answer )
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What can hormones do?

Hormones are chemical messengers that help regulate such things as growth, metabolism, hunger, sexual arousal and reproductive functioning. Essential hormones include insulin, ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have hormones?

Hormones are a kind of biochemical messengers. Most hormones are chemical substances produced by specialized tissue formations called endocrine glands. The substances are sec ( Full Answer )
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What is Hormons?

Hormones are these things in your body that go to certain ares of your body when you go through puberty. Hormones are kinda the things that help your body develop
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What is an hormones?

It is a chemical produced in small amount which stimulates growth and function of organisms.They are organic chemical massengers.