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What is a hormone imbalance?

    A hormonal imbalance is when the levels of progesterone and estrogen change in your body. These two hormones regulate your menstrual cycle. These hormones can be (MORE)

What is Hormone Clearance?

It refers to the amount of hormones that are cleared from the plasma within the blood by way of: 1. metabolic destruction by the tissues, 2. binding with the tissues, 3. excre (MORE)
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What is a hormone?

A hormone is a chemical that your endocrine glands send throughout your body. Hormones (which can be protein or lipid in nature) affect your growth, puberty, metabolism, weigh (MORE)
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Who discovered hormones?

William Maddock Bayliss and Ernest Henery Starling, in 1902 Berthold was first in 1849 with the roosters
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What is the hormone ANH?

  ANH stands for atrial natriuretic hormone. It is released by the atria when to much pressure is bing applied to them (Blood pressure is to high). The hormone inhibits wa (MORE)

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What is hormone?

A hormone is a chemical substance produced by the specially formed tissues are called endocrine glands.
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What does the hormone insulin do?

  a peptide hormone that interacts with a receptor at the cell membrane and helps glucose cross the membrane and enter the cytoplasm of a cell.
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What is a steriod hormone?

It simply is like anti biotics but more effective. It help swollen parts of the body inflammation etc
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Why do you have hormones?

Hormones are a kind of biochemical messengers. Most hormones are chemical substances produced by specialized tissue formations called endocrine glands. The substances are secr (MORE)
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What does hormone mean?

The term 'hormone' is from the a ancient Greek word hormōn, present participle of hormān, to urge on, from hormē, impulse. The term was first used in a biological context (MORE)