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How horrible is RuneScape?

  The perceived quality of RuneScape can vary greatly from person to person. As a Java-based browser game, it lacks the more advanced graphics of other MMORPGs like World (MORE)

What are synonyms of horrible?

abhorrent, abominable, appalling, atrocious, awful, bad, beastly, cruel, detestable, disagreeable, disgusting, dreadful, eerie, execrable, fairy, fearful, foul, frightful, gha (MORE)

Are The Beatles horrible?

NO, the beetles are not horrible! there just writting songs i mean i bet there better than some people:) ps:my dad loves the beetles so if u don't like the beetles than you ar (MORE)
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What to do when your family is horrible?

I suggest ignoring them until they say sorry and after that it depends on if u forgive them. If they don't care that your ignoring your family really is horrible, i get pissed (MORE)

What do you do with a horrible sunburn?

I have gone through the pain of a horrible sunburn. I did use aloe vera but it just hurt. You got to stick through it. don't wear any clothing that rubs up against the skin. t (MORE)
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Is horrible a verb?

No, the word horrible is an adjective (horrible, more horrible, most horrible), a word that describes a noun. Example sentence: I see some horrible grammar in some questions (MORE)