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How do you get on a horse?

silly.. ok if you have a saddle on the horse the you go to the left side of the horse and turn around facing the back of the horse standing next to the shoulder. Then put you ( Full Answer )
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What can a horse do?

Horses can: Walk, Trot, Canter, Gallop, Pony Games, Jump, Dressage And Alot More But I Cant Be Bothered To Write Them All Coz There Is Loads Lol !
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What horse can do?

horses can do most anything- they can jump, run, pull things, be companions, and so forth. some have even been trained to count and do tricks.
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What is a were-horse?

it's charlotte butler haha. Were-horse Subject of a folk tale from Burma A man who can shape shift into a horse.. it's a joke at skool
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Why does my horse...?

wel... u need to improve the question because horses do many different things for many different reasons so please improve the answer and i will be very happy to write another ( Full Answer )
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Where you get a horse from?

You get a horse from horse breeders, horse sellers, or other horse owners. You can search for horses for sale from a few websites which are very helpful. __________________ ( Full Answer )
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What do you get from horse?

you get a lot. they are really unique creatures. they can win u money if u show them
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How do to get a horse?

You can look in classified adds or go to an auction. Make sure you have the proper supplies and a good place to keep your horse before you buy it.
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Where were horses from?

I don't think that horses come from anywhere because they come from all around the world. Some come from England, or America, or Shetland. But horses evolved to adapt to the h ( Full Answer )
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What to you get from horse?

General satisfaction, big feed bill. I get to know my vet and farrier better, saddle sore if I don't ride enough, kicked. The value of a horse is intrinsic.