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Why is the word hospital in the word hospitality?

Because hospitals take care of you, that's what hospitality is. I'm sure there's a better answer using the latin root word(s), but that's the gist. Answer The word "hospital" (MORE)

Why is it 'an hospital' not 'a hospital'?

    Both are acceptable. The letter h was at one stage, due to the influence of French on the English language, considered a half-vowel and was silent and words starti (MORE)

What is a hospital?

A hospital is a designated location, building or other structure for diagnosing and treating injuries and illnesses, performing surgery and diagnostic studies such as X-rays, (MORE)

What is the Difference between hospital and hospitality?

Hospital is an institution for diagnosing and treating the sick or injured, housing them during treatment, examining patients, and managing childbirth.Hospitals may be public (MORE)

What does a hospital do?

Hospitals care and treat patients that arrive at the hospital. This can range from a small cut that needs treating to life saving operations. There are many different wards on (MORE)

What is hospital?

A hospital is a residential establishment which provides short term and long term medical care consisting of observational, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative service (MORE)

What are the advantages of hospitality?

The advantages of hospitality are the prospect of more business in  the future. If a customer is impressed with the hospitality, he or  she may return in the future and reco (MORE)