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When is a good time to transplant hosta?

In a warm temperate climate you would do it in winter. Another answer: If a plant is in bloom, aka the mating season for plants, wait for the last bloom to fall, then add t ( Full Answer )
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Will frost kill a hosta plant?

Yes, it will kill the leaves but the roots will survive over the winter (in the UK).
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Where do Hosta grow wild?

Hostas are natives of Northeast Asia, primarily Japan, Korea and China. Various articles report that they're still discovered at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Although native ( Full Answer )
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Why is a Hosta a monocot?

\nBecause God made it that way... just kidding. A monocot refers to any plant that has vascular bundles scattered around that stem whereas dicots have grouped vascular bundles ( Full Answer )
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Where can you get Hostas in Ottawa?

Budd Gardens has tons of different kinds of hostas. I believe the sales person told me there's over 350 kinds there. I was looking for a 'lakeside babyface' for years and havi ( Full Answer )
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What eats a hosta?

Deer, rabbits, and squirrels are a few of the animals that eathosta plants. Snails and slugs also enjoy hosta plants.
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Are hosta plants poison to horses?

Hosta plants are poisonous to horses. Commonly known as thePlantain Lily or Funkia, this plant is toxic to dogs and cats too.
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Is a hosta plant a primary consumer?

No, any plant is a producer not a primary consumer, any living organism that produces its own food through photosynthesis is a producer. :)
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Will chickens eat hostas?

Yes, Chickens do love to eat hostas. The chickens are destructive poking holes in the leaves and nibbling the edges until they are ragged, or gone.
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Do hostas grow in Tennessee?

Yes, hosta plants grow in Tennessee. I live in Tennessee and haveseveral on my property.