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What is a hostel?

A hostel is a place where people can usually share a room together for the night to cut down on cost. Sometimes there is a common kitchen where people can cook a meal, but som (MORE)
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What is scope of hostel management system?

 For   the past few years the numbers of educational institutions are increasing   rapidly. Thereby the number of hostels is also increasing for the accommodation   (MORE)
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What does hostel mean?

A hostel is like a hotel, and can most often be found in European  countries. Unlike a hotel, it's rooms contain numerous bunk beds,  and people have to room together. It ca (MORE)

What is the duty of hostel warden?

Cleanliness will be maintained in the hostel premises at all time. The Executive Housekeeper will regularly visit the hostel and see that proper cleaning standards are maintai (MORE)
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How do hostels work in Europe?

Hostels are cheap places to stay in Europe. These aren't like hotels--there is usually a community bath, and less furnishings in the rooms. In smaller hostels, rooms are share (MORE)

When did hostelling get its start?

The youth hostel movement began in 1909. Richard Schirrmann, a German schoolteacher, and Wilhelm Münker, a conservationist, felt there was a need for overnight accommodation (MORE)