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What is a hostel?

A hostel is a place where people can usually share a room together for the night to cut down on cost. Sometimes there is a common kitchen where people can cook a meal, but som (MORE)

What does hostel mean?

A hostel is like a hotel, and can most often be found in Europeancountries. Unlike a hotel, it's rooms contain numerous bunk beds,and people have to room together. It can be c (MORE)
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How are the hostels in LPU?

The University offers comprehensive hostel facilities within the University campus. University offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with hostel warden in each (MORE)

Where is scattergood hostel?

Approximately 15 miles east of Iowa City, Iowa, two miles east of West Branch, Iowa, at the crossroads of Delta Avenue and Interstate 80, on the present campus of Scattergood (MORE)
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Does nm has a hostel?

This question cannot be answered the way it is written. Please be more specific. Please rephrase and resubmit your question so it can be answered. .
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What hostels are in Barcelona?

There are a lot of hotels in Barcelona. Among the highest rated on the internet are the Residencia Melon District Marina, the Chic and Basic Ramblas and the Catalonia Avinio.

When did hostelling get its start?

The youth hostel movement began in 1909. Richard Schirrmann, a German schoolteacher, and Wilhelm Münker, a conservationist, felt there was a need for overnight accommo (MORE)