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How do you spell hostessing?

That is the correct spelling of the word "hostessing", which was properly hosting until "to hostess" became a verb, as did "to waitress".
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What is the color of air hostess uniform?

It depends on the airline - but dark blue is popular There isint any specific color of the air hostess uniform but it varies from airline to airline as they all have their sp (MORE)

What is a sentence for hostess?

She was a hostess of a party not even hers. His hostess just got up and left. Why do parties need hostesses? Come have fun! Stop being a hostess! The hostess hasn't stopped p (MORE)

What does an IHOP hostess do?

Greet the customers, seat the customers, be there for them (asking them if they want drinks, any problems with their food, etc) cashing them out, and taking to go orders by ph (MORE)

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What is a hostess gift?

A hostess gift is a gift given to your host or hostess as a sort of 'pre-thank you' for having you. A bottle of wine, flowers or maybe even gourmet coffee are common hostess g (MORE)
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5 Unique Hostess Thank You Gifts

Whether you're visiting for a week or just staying for dinner, show your host or hostess your appreciation with a thoughtful present. Typical offerings include wine, boxed cho (MORE)

Top Hostess Gifts of All Time

Whether your hostess invited you to stay at her house or go on vacation with her, giving her a gift is a must. A hostess gift is one of the best ways to say thank you and to s (MORE)

What are the requirements to become an air- hostess?

The Minimum Requrerments To Become An Air Hostess Are :  You should be in a possession of at least a Senior Certificate. You must have good vision and have the ability to spe (MORE)

What is a circle hostess?

A circle hostess is the main hostess that is on a passenger ship  during special events. They are responsible for making passengers  feel welcome, answering their questions, (MORE)

What is the achievements of hostess?

If you're referring to responsibilities of a host or hostess, it  would include greeting and seating customers, answering the phone,  completing orders for take out, sometim (MORE)