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Positive effects of electronic media on youth?

Even though there are plenty of negative effects on electronic  media, there can also be plenty of positive as well. Electronic  media can help people change their aggressiv (MORE)

What is the effect of the social media on news organizations?

Nowadays, news organizations used social media to deliver news and information faster and more accessible by the public. For instance on Bin Laden's death social media enables (MORE)

What are the negative effects of the media?

  Violence scenes on TV have negative effects on children. There nature becomes more violent. There are many examples when children created havoc in their schools in sho (MORE)

How does media effect self esteem?

for celebrities or anyone who is exposed in media, if they read negative comments, rude swear words, or sarcastic responses, they will feel bad and have low self-esteem. howev (MORE)

What are the effects of mass media on students?

Mass media exposure can have profound effects on our students and  children, with impacts that are both positive and also negative. On  the positive side, movies, television (MORE)

What are the positive effects of media on children?

One of the positive affects of the media on children is that it creates a learning environment for them. For example in the early ages of children, toddlers, baby Einstein is (MORE)

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How has social media effected the world today?

Of course Yes! It has brought about a sea change in the way business is being done today. Having a strong online presence has become mandatory for any kind of business. Majori (MORE)