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How is hostility personified?

It would be giving hostility human qualities. Example:    He could feel his hostility building. It was raging to get out,  tearing at his skin from the inside. It was (MORE)

Positive effects of electronic media on youth?

Even though there are plenty of negative effects on electronic  media, there can also be plenty of positive as well. Electronic  media can help people change their aggressiv (MORE)

What is a sentence for hostile?

1.On the playground, there are many hostile students who bully others around. 2.The drunk became hostile so the police handcuffed him. 3. The boy's hostile attitude made hi (MORE)

What is the effect of the social media on news organizations?

Nowadays, news organizations used social media to deliver news and information faster and more accessible by the public. For instance on Bin Laden's death social media enables (MORE)

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What are the positive effects of mass media communications on society?

One of the first positive effects, is that mass media keeps people informed of any recent events within a short amount of time. When, for example, a politician is assassinated (MORE)

Effects of mass media in your daily lives?

Mass media has a big impact on the daily lives of many people. The  people exposed to mass media read, see, and hear the stories which  the media outlet chooses to report. I (MORE)