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How do you change Mac OS hostname?

Hostname is more of a UNIX thing than a Mac thing ;-) It can be changed in the Sharing section of System Preferences where it is known as Computer Name.
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What do you mean by hostname?

This word usually appears on game sites or chat rooms. This means that he is the creator of the room or the game. He has control of the room if he wanted to boot somebody out (MORE)

How do you change hostname in Windows XP?

To change a host name in Windows XP, click start, control panel,performance and maintenance, and then system. From the systemscreen, click the computer name tab, enter the new (MORE)
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How can you check the hostname in Linux?

The hostname (the name of the computer) can be found in most Linux distributions by issuing the hostname command without arguments. Alternatively, you can view the contents (MORE)
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What does the hostname utility do?

A Hostname is a unique Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) which contains a domain and a computer name for the purpose of identifying each computer that is used in the internet (MORE)

What is a Hostname or IP address?

The hostname of my main computer running Ubuntu 13.04 isrodney@downstairs. rodney is my user name, and downstairs is thehost name of my computer. To find your IP address, open (MORE)