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How to change hostname in Windows Server 2003?

Hi , All u have to do is Go to the system properties. Press windows buttton and pause button on u're keyboard simultaneously.or start->program->accessories->system properi (MORE)

Difference between hostname and domain name?

If you're inquisitive  what the distinction is between a hostname (or host name) and a  site name, you are on the proper page. This document answers the  question once and (MORE)

How do you change Mac OS hostname?

  Hostname is more of a UNIX thing than a Mac thing ;-) It can be changed in the Sharing section of System Preferences where it is known as Computer Name.
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How do you change hostname of a computer in Windows Vista?

From the Start menu, select Control Panel. Click 'Classic View' on the left, and double click on the 'System' icon. Click on 'Advanced system settings' on the left. On the Sys (MORE)

What is a Hostname or IP address?

The hostname of my main computer running Ubuntu 13.04 is  rodney@downstairs. rodney is my user name, and downstairs is the  host name of my computer. To find your IP address (MORE)