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97 Plymouth grand voyager 3.3 getting hot but does not read hot on gage Atifreeze leeking from bottom when hot help?

  Answer     Hello, Jamison here, ARE YOU SURE ITS HOT, This vehicle will regularly run up to 205degrees, If the temp does not indicate HOT, and you are sure its (MORE)

Why is your 97 dodge ram heater not getting hot?

Either the heater core is not getting hot, or the system is failing to divert air through the core. A simple check for the core is to feel the two heater hoses going into th (MORE)

I have a 97 Dodge Stratus If your car ran hot after about two hours but did not read hot could it be the thermostat?

  You say it's running hot, so i am assuming you have hot water in the radiator. If the thermostat was not opening, there would be no hot water in the radiator.   Since (MORE)

Why 97 Ford Taurus still runs hot after adding coolant and oil?

Not good... Engines absolutely hate it when they run hot and overheat.    That's the direction to investigate first - what's causing the hot operating temps / over-heat (MORE)

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