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Are hot dogs made out of dogs?

No. "Hot dogs", are sausages made from finely-ground meats including beef, pork, chicken, and turkey. Not dogs of any kind. The name "hot dog" dates from the 1890's and may be (MORE)

Can dogs eat hot dogs?

Yes, dogs can eat hot dogs - my parent's two large breed dogs love them, so my parents use hot dogs to hide pills in. Hot dogs are made from beef, pork, chicken and turkey, so (MORE)

Will dogs get sick from hot dogs?

Most hot dogs don't contain anything harmful to dogs... however, they are not nutritionally balanced for a dog. A lot of the foods humans eat are, to put it mildly, trash. We (MORE)

Do hot dogs make you fat?

Yes, but only if you eat them everyday, or very often. Once is a while doesn't do much. Just exercise to loose the fat from hot dogs.
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Is hot dog made of dog meat?

The ones you buy in stores are made of pork or beef, but theoretically you could make one out of any meat...but don't make one out of your dog, that's disgusting.
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How are hot dogs hot?

They're cooked either on a grill or boiled. Therefore, they are hot. Grills are hot and boiling water is hot so, when you put things in/on them that thing gets hot. Why would (MORE)

Can hot dogs kill you?

Hot dogs are not the healthiest choice, but unless you eat them day after day and eat little else, they probably won't kill you.
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