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Why do tennis balls have fuzz?

They have fuzz on them so the air the ball is traveling through can  grip the ball to enhance the spin on the ball. ex. To move it  farther (backspin) or to make it drop (to (MORE)
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Is there going to be a hot fuzz 2?

Most likely not, they have made no announcements that they are making a hot fuzz 2 but its unlikely they will. They have already announced the next movie after it and its call (MORE)

Do all peaches have fuzz on them?

No not all varieties have the thick fuzz/hairs of heritage varieties but some amount is always present. Shaving peach fuzz has become something of a trend in the peach world. (MORE)

Why do raspberries have fuzz on them?

The raspberries have the fuzz because the fruit actually is the food surrounding a seed. If you look real close a raspberry is a bunch of seeds. Each little seed has a "hook (MORE)

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