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How do we get to our hotel?

Where is your hotel? Do you know the website address? If so they've probably got a directions page or a map (see link). Alternatively get in touch with them and they will be a (MORE)

What are characteristics of hotel?

There are some key characteristics of a hotel. A hotel is a  multistory building the has many rooms to service guests for short  term stays. They often have a restaurant and (MORE)

What is a hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment that offers lodging totravelers. Some may also offer lodging to permanent residents.Hotels may also have restaurants, conference rooms, s (MORE)

How hotels can work in hotel management?

Do you mean how do you get into hotel management? If so you can study it at a university like Portsmouth (see link) or on the job (see other link).
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What is a city hotel?

Well as i think..There is no speciality that makes hotels particular to city instead their existence in particular city makes them particular hotel so called city hotel. Like (MORE)

What is a transit hotel?

A transit hotel is a hotel where passengers in international  airports who are on extended wait between flights, can stay for a  short period of time. The hotel is usually n (MORE)

What is hotel operator?

A hotel operator is a person who answers the phones at a hotel. The  operator transfers calls to the correct department, and may  sometimes answer general questions you may (MORE)

What type of hotel is the President Hotel?

The President Hotel is a 4-star Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Venue located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1989, the President Hotel is an environmentally-friend (MORE)