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What is a hotel?

A hotel is a commercial establishment that offers lodging totravelers. Some may also offer lodging to permanent residents.Hotels may also have restaurants, conference rooms, s ( Full Answer )
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What are hotels?

Hotel is an eat out place, with a menu of food items and hospitable services and overnight accommodation
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How do we get to our hotel?

Where is your hotel? Do you know the website address? If so they've probably got a directions page or a map (see link). Alternatively get in touch with them and they will be a ( Full Answer )
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What hotel qualify budget hotel?

It depends on your budget means how much you are going to pay for hotel and it also means that the good service and good quality rooms in cheap rate...
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Why a hotel why not an hotel?

The word 'an' is used before a word beginning with a vowel. Forexample, "an apple" is correct, whereas "a apple" is not. And since'hotel' doesn't begin with a vowel, it's "a h ( Full Answer )
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What hotel is asia's luxurious hotel?

As per my view there are many luxurious hotels in the whole world. The upper house in china, An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas in Vietnam, The Samaya Bali in Indonesia, The peninsula ( Full Answer )
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Is the Habbo Hotel a virtual hotel?

Yes, Habbo Hotel does describe itself as a virtual hotel. It is a social Sim site with games and chat functions geared toward younger players. It also is very online safety o ( Full Answer )
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What type of hotel is the President Hotel?

The President Hotel is a 4-star Best Western Plus Hotel and Conference Venue located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in 1989, the President Hotel is an environmentally-friend ( Full Answer )
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What is the hotel?

Hotel is defined as a commercial building that provides lodging, meals, and other guest services. In general, to be called a hotel, an establishment must have a minimum of six ( Full Answer )