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How many time hour hand and minutes hand cross?

22 times. hour hand meets minute hand each hour. Example : they meet at about 1h6, 2h17,... ( it's not exactly). But the 11th hour, they don't meet any times. So in a round of (MORE)

How the minute hand gain 55 minutes on the hour hand?

55 min. spaces are gained by minute hand in 60 min period. to find how many spaces it has actually gained, we need to fix a standard point first..!! with respect to it, we nee (MORE)
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Is the Big Hand the Hour Hand?

On a clock, the longer hand is the minute hand and the shorter hand  is the hour hand. Also, the especially thin one that moves the  fastest is the second hand.
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Is the little hand on a clock the hour hand or minute hand?

The LITTLE hand is the minute hand. Little does not mean short, it means thin. The longer hand is the LITTLE hand. The BIG hand is the hour hand. Big does not mean long, it me (MORE)