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What is a house?

A house is an enclosure made of bricks, tiles, logs or wood in which you place furniture to live in, though some people dont have houses.  
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What is a houses?

  A sod house is something made a long time ago. it was made out of...   -mud   -sod   -rocks   -clay   trees were scarce so couldn't make it out of wood.
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What is the house?

A house is defined as a home, shelter or structure that is a place of accommodation for human beings.
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What can you do in your house?

Play board games. Play xbox, playstation 1,2,3. Watch tv. Make food. Clean? Depends on what you mean by what can you do in your house. For intertainment? To fix it up? Just be (MORE)

What is a what what what in the house?

no i believe not animals are also living beings and have a whole life to look forward to . however confining animals in sanctuaries is different as they are able to live in a (MORE)

Can you have a house?

You can buy one if you qualify for the loan. ------------------------------------------------ I am afraid this site can not give you a house. It is normal in life to work (MORE)