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How did House Music Start?

It was first termed in Chicago .....Frankie knuckles and Steve sill currly cut up disco and played it a under ground club and called it house ,house like its the house music. (MORE)
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What is the identifying difference between house music progressive house music deep house music tech house music and electro house music?

House is the most general term of the bunch, all the rest are sub-genres. There are many other sub-genres such as funky house, disco house, Latin house etc. All of these other (MORE)

Why people listen house music?

  People listen to house music because the the incessant pumping bass beat gets people feeling the pulsing droning electronic sounds internally, and inevitably if on drugs (MORE)

Are there any Christian house music?

Last years there is has been an explosion of new Christian houce/dance music producers. Some examples that released albums international are: Matthew J. Bentley [USA]DJ Flubbe (MORE)
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Where did house music originate?

After the demise of disco people started taking disco tracks in the early 80's and repeating instrumental parts so that djs could remix these newly mixed songs. Soon people st (MORE)

How did 'house music' get its name?

The term "house music" may have its origin from a Chicago nightclub called The Warehouse which existed from 1977 to 1983. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk was quoted as saying "In 198 (MORE)
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Where can you get music from HOUSE TV series?

Answer . The theme song for the television series "House" is performed by a group named Massive Attack. The song is titled "Teardrop" and is available on their album "Mezza (MORE)

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