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Where is Fraser island?

Fraser Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, off the  southeast Queensland coast of Australia. It is near Hervey Bay and  Maryborough, and about 200 km north of the (MORE)

Who is Hannah Fraser?

She is a Human who Can hold her breath really long and dive really deep without any equipment. To go faster she had a tail maid, like a mermaid.....SHES A MERMAID! Hannah Fra (MORE)

Why did dawn fraser get kicked out of swimming?

She received a 10 year ban from the Australian Swimming Union for alleged misbehavior at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Her alleged offenses included marching in the 1964 (MORE)
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Why is Fraser Island important?

Fraser Island, off the coast of Queensland, is significant because it is the world's largest sand island. It is on the World heritage List because, according to the Australi (MORE)
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How does erosion affect Fraser Island?

Erosions effected fraser island because it helped form the sand  that makes fraser island
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What is the latitude and longitude for fraser island?

latitude is 38.8468 SE and longitude 73.7472 W === Answer #2: Even if you change the longitude tag in the first answer to ' E ', the coordinates given in the answer ma (MORE)