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What do house sparrows feed their young?

Mostly they feed insects, though most especially in the firts few days after hatching, but they can also rear young on green, unripe seeds - field studies have shown some to r (MORE)

Is it legal to kill a house sparrow?

Yes. These birds are not protected under the Migratory Bird Act. They are not native to the US and are an invasive species. You can kill them.
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Can a house sparrow swim?

Not very well. If you're asking if they can swim like a duck or a penguin, then no. But a bird that finds itself in the middle of a pond will sort of flail/paddle around in an (MORE)

Are house sparrows herbivores?

  Well you cant say that. but ya they eat grains. but under some sircumstances tthey also have tendency to eat small portions of meat.
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What is a house sparrows enemies?

  The House Sparrows Enemie is the starling. They can push there chicks out of the nest and can also take there eggs to eat. The crow can also be a enemie to the sparrow a (MORE)

Can you keep a house sparrow as a pet?

check with your local wildlife management area. i live in Georgia and they are not protected here. they are considered a nuisance, therefor meaning "yes" you can have one as a (MORE)
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What do house sparrows eat?

House Sparrows eat a variety of seeds, although they can take berries, fruits and the odd bit of bread offered by humans. These birds are highly opportunistic and adaptable, (MORE)