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Where is the surfside 6 houseboat?

The SURFSIDE 6 houseboat is located on the banks of Slaughter Creek at the Slaughter Creek Marina just before the bridge to Taylor's Island, Maryland. For many years it served (MORE)

Yukon Delta houseboat history?

Francis and Bud Mills owned the co. he died in 2002 and a relative wanted to restart the company, but nothing came of it. The last Yukon built, that I know of, was 1996. The (MORE)
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Who built the surfside 6 houseboat?

Larry Vita built the Surfside 6 houseboat.   My Granfather Ralph W. Weidler was Larry Vita's partner in a business called Surfside 6 Floating Homes. They pioneered houseboa (MORE)
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Where are the Powell lake houseboats?

If you're referring to Lake Powell in Arizona, the rental houseboats are available at the marinas (Wahweap, Bullfrog, Antelope). Houseboats in general are located all over the (MORE)

What is the best to live on House or Houseboat?

House: if you want property to appreciate in value (notwithstanding recent fluctuations), and you like a garden to tend. Houseboat: if you like to be lulled by the lapping o (MORE)

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Which states of India are famous for houseboats?

Hi, Kerala is known for its backwaters and Alleppey houseboats are  most famous in Kerala. Houseboats are specially decorated for the  honeymooners. They provide all the mod (MORE)