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Where is the surfside 6 houseboat?

The SURFSIDE 6 houseboat is located on the banks of Slaughter Creek at the Slaughter Creek Marina just before the bridge to Taylor's Island, Maryland. For many years it served (MORE)

What is the draft of a 32 foot Yukon delta houseboat?

  The draft is usually 8 to 10 inches dependending on whether you have a flybridge or not and the other amenities offered.   I have looked at the different houseboating (MORE)
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Who built the surfside 6 houseboat?

Larry Vita built the Surfside 6 houseboat.   My Granfather Ralph W. Weidler was Larry Vita's partner in a business called Surfside 6 Floating Homes. They pioneered houseboa (MORE)
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How wide does your houseboat need to be in order to build a second story in Oregon state?

  Answer   Good day, to answer your qauestion about "how wide"?   I have been boating for over 30 years, and as a "houseboat liveaboard" for the last ten years, I (MORE)

Where are the Powell lake houseboats?

  If you're referring to Lake Powell in Arizona, the rental houseboats are available at the marinas (Wahweap, Bullfrog, Antelope). Houseboats in general are located all ov (MORE)

What is the best to live on House or Houseboat?

House: if you want property to appreciate in value (notwithstanding recent fluctuations), and you like a garden to tend. Houseboat: if you like to be lulled by the lapping o (MORE)
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Where was the film Amadeus filmed?

Most of the movie was made in Prague in the Czech Republic. The palace just outside Prague castle was used as the Emperor's Palace and The Estates Theatre, also known as Tyl (MORE)