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What are household items?

Household items are any furniture or other items you would use in ahouse/home. A short list of these might include: Kitchen . large appliances, like stove, refrigerator . s (MORE)
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What does a household scale do?

A household scale is a universal, globally recognised scale for measuring the size of households (defined as a building or structure under which people may live). The Househol (MORE)

What is household pest?

household pests can be defined as living things found in a house or home that may cause destruction to the house or home and discomfort to the people living in the house or ho (MORE)
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What is a household domestic?

A meid for a rich person that is to lazy to clean up his/her house. Pretty much a slave for someone that owns them! If you are wandering because you want to be one...... don (MORE)