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What is Housekeeping?

To clean and prepare room for guest. To insure well being of guest, to provide preventive maintenance to insure rooms are fit and comfortable for guest. 'Housekeeping' is lo (MORE)

Types of housekeeping?

Here are some types of housekeeping:    Institutional housekeeping: applies to housekeeping  maintenance in commercial lodging establishment like hotels,  resorts, in (MORE)

What is a housekeeper?

A housekeeper is a person who cleans a home, room, apartment, etc.  Housekeeping staff in hotels are responsible for cleaning hotel  rooms for arriving guests and straighten (MORE)

What are the areas of housekeeping?

Housekeeping is the art of managing a household. Essentially,  housekeeping involves doing laundry, cooking meals, vacuuming,  mopping, dusting, and straightening up after o (MORE)
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Who is responsible for housekeeping?

Unless you hire a someone to come clean, everyone who lives in the dwelling is responsible for housekeeping.
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Housekeeper in French?

For a single building with several inhabitants I'd say concierge For a hotel I would say personnel d'entretien ou agent d'entretien
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