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What is an housewife pillowcase?

A housewife pillowcase is a standard size pillow case that is open on one end but with a little flap inside that you can tuck over the end of the pillow so it a) doesn't show (MORE)

Another word for housewife?

While it seems to me to be a poor choice to identify someone strictly by the sort of building they inhabit, or by close association with a particular structure, in some cases (MORE)
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How the science helps housewife?

Science helps the housewife in almost every way imaginable. Homes to live in, kitchens to cook in , cleaning chemicals to clean the house, cars to go shopping in , heat to be (MORE)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of housewife?

If the husband will take care of financial issues, then it's better for wife to be a housewife. The advantages are: - Housewife can take care of herself, so become more attra (MORE)

What did a housewife do in the 1940's?

alot of house cleaning and cooking no doubt, some women worked and then had to do house cleaning and cooking, sewing,entertained company, took care of children, they had quite (MORE)