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How do you get your wife to do housework?

Don't do it yourself and let it build up. Explain to her that she should be doing some, especially if she doesn't work.. 'Modern' couples tend to split it 50/50 though I've a (MORE)
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Who is the sprite who does housework?

A brownie was believed to do the housework, as long as the owners of the house didn't mistreat them and there was a saucer of milk usually crops up in fairytales. A brownie th (MORE)

Benefits of housework for children?

They learn now what they will probably be doing in the future. If they don't learn bright and early, in their later years they will probably be bums living off their mothers' (MORE)

What if she will not work or do housework?

If a woman is not working then she should keep the home clean. If both parties work then both partners should help with the housework. If she refuses to do housework or work t (MORE)
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How can one improve their housework?

You can improve your housework by using it for exercise time at the same time. Turn on some music and perform the work fast to burn up calories, lose weight, promote health an (MORE)