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Is housework a singular noun?

Yes, the noun 'housework' is a singular form,  uncountable noun. The noun 'housework' is an  aggregate type of uncountable noun, a word representing an  indefinite number o (MORE)

What what the historical significance of the pastoralization housework?

The pastoralization of housework refers primarily to antebellum American women who, in an effort to distinguish themselves from mill girls and provide an invaluable service to (MORE)

Why should a husband share the housework with his wife and how much?

How much? - Each partner should have equal amounts of free time. - Both spouses should be at least capable of every important chore in case the other spouse is disabled or (MORE)

What is the plural form of housework?

Housework is an uncountable noun and doesn't have a plural. You speak in terms of how much, or how little, housework you have.
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How can you make your wife stop treating you as a slave making you do the housework and treating you like an unimportant object or a servant?

Express your feelings in a stern but polite form , such as over dinner in the park and ask her to set out things she would like you to do . make sure that there are no misund (MORE)

How can you turn your wife into a dominating woman if you want her to treat you with no respect and command you to do the housework and buy her things?

  Answer     Marriage is not witchcraft. You cannot "turn" ANYONE into ANYTHING.     If your wife IS a domineering nightmare who does not respect you an (MORE)

Benefits of housework for children?

  They learn now what they will probably be doing in the future. If they don't learn bright and early, in their later years they will probably be bums living off their mot (MORE)