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Who was Howard Hughes married to?

  Howard Hughes was married to 3 different women.   He was married to the following women, during the following dates:   Ella Rice -June 1, 1925 - December 1929   (MORE)
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Why did howard hughes hide away?

After his XF plane crash in 1946 he had many wounds that never healed.scared lungs a dislodged heart and broken bones and burns.He lost his hands and forearms in the fire and (MORE)
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Why was Howard Hughs a Entrepreneur?

he started the hughes aviation company he was a movie dierecter he started to buy hotels and started a huge hotel chain he was a entrpenuer cause he took so many risks and sta (MORE)

Does Howard Hughes have children?

Yes, several. But because the uncle wanted the money he chose to deny them, they were adopted out for their safety. He saw them sent stuff to them but when any got close stuff (MORE)
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What is Howard Hughes famous for?

Howard Hughes was a movie producer. He became famous in the late 1920's for his controversial films. He was an aviator and set many world air speed records.
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Was howard hughs schitzophrenic?

No but he had mental illness. Schizophrenic patients do not always  recognize what is real and severe depression is another mainstay.  He knew what was real and even in his (MORE)