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What is a howitzer?

It is a large artillery piece used by military ground forces. The caliber can range from 75mm to over 500mm with 120mm to 250mm standard in today's military units.. It uses ( Full Answer )
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How far can a Howitzer fire?

Answer . there is direct fire so the fire man can see the target. and the observatory controled fire and that range depend on weapon the range may be more than 30 km
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What is the best caliber for howitzer?

105mm During the 1930's, the US Army developed a new 105mm Howitzer for their field artillery battalions that was based upon the French gun of same caliber. The Germans also h ( Full Answer )
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Who invented the howitzer?

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What does howitzers mean?

A howitzer is a cannon, and looks like a regular artillery piece. However, the howitzer is used by firing indirect fire, NOT directly at the enemy. A "Gun", another cannon, an ( Full Answer )
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How do you aim a howitzer?

first the fdc (fire direction control) computes firing data and sends it down to the gun line (howitzers) were the 0811 (artillery men) then apply quadrant ( up and down) and ( Full Answer )
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What is the range of a Howitzer?

howitzer is a class of gun with many different variants you need to be more specific. but the max range of a M777 howitzer is 30.1 km (rap assisted).
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What is shot out of a howitzer?

Pretty much any sort of artillery round can be fired. They can fire solid shot, but that is pretty much limited to to practice. Mostly it is an explosive round the goes off an ( Full Answer )
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What does a Howitzer look like?

A large cannon fired at a high angle. See the related link to the M198 155mm towed howitzer and the M109A self propelled howitzer.
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Are howitzers cannons?

It is a type of cannon with a relatively short barrel, capable of firing at high angles.