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What is an audio server?

Any computer or electronic device that is used to serve up digital music through a network or over wireless to end devices or "clients" would be considered an Audio Server.  (MORE)
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What is a Audio In?

Audio In refers to the connection where you would plug in your  source for the sound you are trying to hear. For example when you  have a guitar and you want the sound to co (MORE)

What is html5?

html5 is the latest version of html which is support the services  lake in html before   like, latest multimedia. Its core aims have been to improve the  language with s (MORE)

What is audio appendixes?

Being able to listen to a script instead of reading it. Audio appendixes can be downloaded.
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What are audio aids?

Audio aids, as the words indicate, are things that you can listen to or hear (sound) that help (or aid) you in learning. For example, if you are studying a language, listening (MORE)

What is 5.1 audio?

It's the ammount of output channels. 5.1 means you can have surround sound. 5 speakers + 1 Subwoofer. Usually one front speaker, 2 front side speakers, 2 side speakers i (MORE)
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What is normalize audio?

The relative amplitude (loudness) of an audio signal can vary from soft to very loud. When you normalize an audio signal, you adjust the overall average amplitude to be abou (MORE)

Can Farmtown on Facebook run on HTML5?

It would certainly be possible but the company responsible for Farmtown, Slashkey, would have to re code it from the ground up.
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What is Audio Out?

An audio out is the place where you would plug in the item you want  your sound to come out of, most commonly your speaker. This  connection can vary depending on your appli (MORE)