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Is flash free?

Answer   Flash is an open format and free. Adobe flash player, and several alternatives are free to download. The official flash program used to create flash content must (MORE)

What is a flash pass?

The Flash Pass is a card thing that you can use in the lines ofmost rides to go to the front of the line and cut everyone. On somerides you can't use it though. It's pretty ni (MORE)

Who would win Spider-Man and Superman vs Optimus Prime and Flash?

hmmm well superman can break metal but optimus metal is self regenerating metal which its far more stronger than any human know metal plus optimus has flight guns and red hot (MORE)
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Who is the flash -?

The Flash can refer to a couple different people. The first is Jay Garrick, the original Flash. He gained the ability to run at superspeed through a lab accident. He appeared (MORE)

What is html5?

html5 is the latest version of html which is support the services  lake in html before   like, latest multimedia. Its core aims have been to improve the  language with s (MORE)

What is a flash bang?

  there is a flash bang grenade.   If that's what you are refering to, it is a grenade designed to emit a loud noise, and a bright flash of light, often used by militar (MORE)

What is NAND flash?

NAND Flash is a special form of Flash memory. Flash memory is a memory technology that keeps data even when the power supply is cut off; this is known as a non-volatile memory (MORE)

What are Flash floods?

It can be caused by a single cloudburst of torrential rain, usually at higher ground. Collected rainwater runs downhill quickly overflowing rivers and streams.
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Is vs are?

Is and are are both present tense be verbs. Is is the singular form and are is the plural form. He is always late. They are always early. Use is when you have a singular (MORE)

Can Farmtown on Facebook run on HTML5?

It would certainly be possible but the company responsible for Farmtown, Slashkey, would have to re code it from the ground up.
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