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Why http is asynchronous?

  HTTP is a text based protocol for exchanging data over a network, and the preferred protocol for the Internet (a.k.a. World Wide Web) HTTP is synchronous: a client iss (MORE)

What is the uses of HTTP?

its a web page protocol(hypertext transfer protocol). It is used in the framwork and structure of a webpage.

What is SSL with HTTP?

Answer--   Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol and a network security protocol. HTTP operates at the highest (MORE)

How can an e-commerce site keep a purchase record for each of its customers Describe how this can be done with HTTP authentication and with cookies?

  In both cases, the site must keep a database record for the user. With HTTP authentication, the user first registers with the site. During each subsequent visit, the use (MORE)

What is the disadvantages of HTTP?

Disadvantages of HTTP 1. Information sent via HTTP is not encrypted and can pose a threat to your privacy. 2. Packet headers are larger than other protocols as they are ne (MORE)

What is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS?

HTTP is a non secure website, meaning if you enter your credit card info into it, it could be seen by someone you most likely don't want it to be seen by. HTTPS is secure S (MORE)

What is http?

"http" is short for "hypertext transfer protocol" it is a  specification forming part of the World Wide Web (www) and is used  in the full web address to specify how the res (MORE)

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