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Who is Kelly Hu?

Kelly Hu is an American actress, voice actor and former model. She  was born on February 13, 1968. Kelly has starred in Nash Bridges,  The Scorpion King and Cradle 2 the Gra (MORE)

Who is the daddy activist?

A Google search of the keywords, "Daddy Activist" results in  several stories about Donald Tenn, widely known in media and social  circles as the daddy activist. Donald freq (MORE)

What is a party activist?

A party activist is someone who is aligned with a political, economic, or social party and who promotes that party's principles through a variety of means. Party activists ca (MORE)
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What is an a activist?

An activist is a person or a group of people who tries to make change in the world like peace. Like many peace keepers : Craig Kielburger, John Lennon, Gundi... and maybe u co (MORE)

What does activists mean?

An activist is simply 'one who acts upon their beliefs'. An activist tries their hardest to go for their beliefs and against what they don't believe in.
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What is a sentence for activist?

ACTIVIST - one involved in a group or program directly seeking a policy or change  Example : "The housing activist was invited to the city planning meeting."  Example : "Ral (MORE)

Who hires an activist?

  Anyone should hire an activist. Unless this is the job you are searching for in being an activist. I am not sure who would hire you as an activist, as most are on a (MORE)

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