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What is a flint-bladed sickle?

A sickle is a tool use to cut grass or grain. Flint bladed means  that it uses sharp chips of flint rock for the cutting edges. 
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How do you strike flint?

Flint is a natural occurring stone in the calcedony family. It is a smooth stone and varies in color. To strike sparks from flint and steel you need high carbon steel. Stainle (MORE)

Is flint soft?

Flint is a very hard rock and forms very sharp glassy flakes when hit with another flint. Flint was used to make knife blades by early man and is the ancient remains of sea sp (MORE)

What is flint famous for?

Flint is a city of southeast-central Michigan north-northwest of Detroit. Founded on the site of a fur-trading post established in 1819, it became an automobile-manufacturing (MORE)

Is flint an igneous rock?

Flint is a chemical sedimentary rock formed from the precipitation of silica rich solutions in layers of marine sediments.
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How is flint formed?

Flint is unique to chalk, and chalk is entirely composed of the remains of tiny sea creatures called coccolithophores and diatoms. Their various shells and skeletons were comp (MORE)
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Where did in like flint come from?

Is that quotation correct as is, or was it "in like Flynn" instead of Flint? At the time it seems as though there was a movie with a Flynn as the hero, and that's where that s (MORE)