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What is the huguenot cross?

The Huguenots did not use symbolism in their worship, but sincethey were persecuted they needed a way to be able to recognize eachother. Huguenots carried the crosses with the (MORE)

What did the Huguenots do?

Huguenots were French Protestants who fled to Holland, England, and America in search of Religious Freedom. The St. Bartholamew's Day Massacre, instigated by Catherine Medici, (MORE)

What did the Huguenots believe in?

"True repentance consists of a change of heart, a conversion, a return to God - a movement initiated by the Holy Spirit and not stemming from any bodily fear, chastisement or (MORE)

Who are the French huguenots?

The Huguenots, who were mostly from Southern France, had always hadproblems with the monarchy Paris and the Church in Rome. See'Huguenots and Jews of the Languedoc' for more i (MORE)

Could romary be huguenot surname?

I do not have concrete reasoning that it is not a Huguenot surname but I can say that I doubt it. My last name is Romary and my family's Catholic ancestry dates back to 17t (MORE)

Were Huguenots French Jews?

No. The Huguenots were a Calvinist Protestant Christian minority inFrance, primarily concentrated in the central-coastal city of LaRochelle. Actually if you read 'Huguenots (MORE)