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What is the huguenot cross?

The Huguenots did not use symbolism in their worship, but since  they were persecuted they needed a way to be able to recognize each  other. Huguenots carried the crosses wi (MORE)

Were Huguenots French Jews?

No. The Huguenots were a Calvinist Protestant Christian minority in  France, primarily concentrated in the central-coastal city of La  Rochelle.    Actually if you re (MORE)

1924 Huguenot Half-Dollar?

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Who gave the Huguenots freedom of worship?

The Edict of Nantes, issued by Henry IV of France, granted the  Huguenots significant civil rights, including freedom of worship.  It marked the end of the religious wars of (MORE)

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In what century were the Huguenots forced to leave France?

Actually the Huguenots had been persecuted for many hundreds of  years before they were forced to leave France. In 1564 Huguenots  escaped France and got to St. Augustine, F (MORE)

Why did the French Huguenots immigrate to America?

In general, Catholic Europe and the Catholic monarchies didn't want  any heretics in their realm. The persecution started in the Middle  Ages with the Albigensian Crusade, w (MORE)

Who are the French huguenots?

The Huguenots, who were mostly from Southern France, had always had  problems with the monarchy Paris and the Church in Rome. See  'Huguenots and Jews of the Languedoc' for (MORE)

Can Huguenots be forced to attend a Catholic mass?

A: Huguenots not only could be forced to attend a Catholic mass, but were forced to do so wherever in France they were not in the majority and therefore able to resist compul (MORE)