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Where did the hula hoop originate?

From Africa. An explorer (name unknown to me) was exploring Africa, when he saw African Natives playing with a round hoop. He soon copied the original African model and opene (MORE)

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What are the world records for hula hooping?

Here are some verified world records for hula hooping: Aaron Hibbs holds the record for longest duration of hula hooping. He hula hooped for 74 hours and 54 minutes between (MORE)

Do weighted hula hoops work?

They most certainly do. Recent surveys have shown that 15-min hula hoop work out equals to 3 miles jogging. No jokes. Your body burns calories while twirling the hoop. Besides (MORE)
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What makes a hula hoop popular?

Well, first of all, they are a great way to exercise your hips! Also, most people find them fun to play with. You can keep yourself entertained with them by trying to beat you (MORE)

Is a hula hoop good exercise?

  Exercizes done with a weighted hula hoop, the kind purchased at sporting goods or fitness stores, can be a good way to firm and tone your body and get aerobically fit, t (MORE)
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If you hula-hoop . what are the benefits?

Benefits of hula hoops are the following: stress reduce weight loss training waist muscles training leg and arm muscles shaping your figure little time required (MORE)
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Can you get skinnier by hula hooping?

Yes! I lost 20 pounds in about two months after I started hoop dancing. Get on youtube and look up videos on hoop tricks, hoop dance, hoop dance tutorials..etc thats how I lea (MORE)