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Does the human eye have bones?

(the human eye does not have bones it has only a bone at the backof it and it is called orbital organ why do i say that the humaneye have bones? well i cant explain that becau (MORE)

How are bats eyes different from human eyes?

Well, we are studying different animals eyes at school and I have to do a powerpoint on bats eyes. The differences are that bats are very poorley sighted and humans are not. A (MORE)
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Are eyes of a fish same as an human eye?

No. Normally human eyeballs have their pupils behind their iris so that the eye can adjust to light but fish eyes have their pupils protruding through the iris so that it cann (MORE)

Are animals eyes different to human eyes?

Not all animals see the world as humans do. For many animals, the world is seen in "washed out" and pale colors, and some only see complete monochrome. But some animals can se (MORE)

How does a cow's eye differ from a human eye?

A cows eye is relatively larger than a humans eye. It is also oval shaped rather than circular. Humans eyes are much more flexible than cows eyes. There are also similarities, (MORE)

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How is the cow eye and the human eye different?

a cow has eyes on the sides of it's head which means it can see 360  degrees   I believe cows see colors differently - they have limited color  visions.
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