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What is the story behind vocaloid alic of human sacrifice?

In Alice of Human Sacrifice (Hitobashira Alice), there's a dream but it does not want to be forgotten so it gets unknowing victims to create its world. The first one, repres (MORE)
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Did the Mayas practice human sacrifice?

no the Mayas rarley ever sacrificed humans instead they sacrificed food, cloth, or llamas. Yes the Mayans did practice sacrifice. Young virgins were "given" to the Gods, P (MORE)

Did the Incas perform human sacrifice?

Yes they sacrificed a variety of things like crops,livestock, and their own children! Luckily there methods were more peaceful than the bloodthristy Aztecs in Mexico. They jus (MORE)
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Did the viking practice human sacrifice?

Yes they did:) Im also trying to find more information about it as well but . this is a brief of what they did. The Vikings worshipped their gods by performing animal sacrif (MORE)

Is Alice Human Sacrifice anywhere on iTunes?

I don't think so... If you're looking for anime music, I highly recommend going on I get all my music from there. :) It's free and it's super fast.
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What are human sacrifices of ancient mesopotamia?

  Mesopotamian human sacrifices are when priests or priestesses murder a human as a gift to the gods. It wasn't common for humans to be sacrificed, and mostly small animal (MORE)

Was God against human sacrifice?

Another answer from our community:    If you're talking about Christianity, of course not. Christianity's  main focus is the sacrifice of Jesus, who is described in th (MORE)

Why did the Aztecs believed in human sacrifice?

The most usual answer for this is that they believed that  the blood of the sacrificial victims was needed to keep the  universe going. It is said that they believed that th (MORE)

Why did the Aztecs perform human sacrifices What did they believe would happen if they did not?

The Aztecs performed human sacrifices for their gods. They believed  that they owed everything towards them since the gods had created  their very existence, and they thanke (MORE)