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What is Alice Human Sacrifice?

It is a Vocaloid (AKA: singing computer programs) song sung by Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin and Len and composed by Yagami-P. It is representative of the vocaloids themselves. The (MORE)
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Did the Maya do human sacrifice?

The Maya did do human sacrifice because they believed their gods needed it for strength, or else the sun may fall from the sky because the god grew too weak and that would cau (MORE)
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Did the viking practice human sacrifice?

Yes they did:) Im also trying to find more information about it as well but . this is a brief of what they did. The Vikings worshipped their gods by performing animal sacrif (MORE)

Why did the Aztecs make human sacrifices?

the Aztecs made the human sacrifices because they believe that is what they had to do to make their around 300 gods happy. they would kill them and then take the heart of the (MORE)

Did the Thuggees offer human sacrifices?

  Yes. For the members of Thuggee, murder was both a way of life and a religious duty. They believed their killings were a means of worshiping the Hindu goddess Kali, who (MORE)
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Why did the Aztecs do human sacrifice?

The reason that the Aztecs did human sacrafice was because they were giveing to the gods and being picked to be sacraficed was a huge honnor. Mostly women were picked to be sa (MORE)
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Why did the Maya practice human sacrifice?

The Mayans believed that the best people should be given to the Gods to show that they were still devoted. They also believed that the Blood was what the Gods wanted. if a Kin (MORE)

Was God against human sacrifice?

Another answer from our community:    If you're talking about Christianity, of course not. Christianity's  main focus is the sacrifice of Jesus, who is described in th (MORE)

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