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Comment on the alchemists a comedy of humours?

The comedy of humours pertains to a genre of dramatic comedy that focuses on one or many eccentric characters, each of whom has one overriding trait or 'humour' that dominates (MORE)
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How do you improve humour?

In our daily life HUMOUR is vital factor for reducing our stress and tentions. If you have sense of humour, so you can do social work. . . . making others laugh on something i (MORE)
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The meaning of humour in every man in his humour by ben jonson?

This aphorism is a reference to the notion that every person had a particular balance of elements which contribute to their individual humoural balance (or constitution). Trad (MORE)
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How do you spell humour?

In the English language, the correct spelling is humour . There is no such thing as British or American spelling.
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What is Comedy of humours with in 50 words?

The theory of humours postulated that people's disposition was determined by the mixture of four fluids in the body:blood, which made one angry or choleric, phlegm, which made (MORE)
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Why is toilet humour so funny?

Toilet humor is only funny because we suspect that someone, somewhere is unreasonably offended by it. Toilet humour usually concerns subjects seen by society as crude and/o (MORE)
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What is Agueous humour?

I think its A'q'ueous humour. Its kind of a fluid thingy present in our eyes.
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What is Bawdy humour?

a sexual related humour, there are different categories which include for example explicit or miming. It is used in greek comedy theatre. An example could be: 'this is one lon (MORE)
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How benefits of humour?

There are a number of health benefits that can be derived from humour/laughter. There is a possibility that it can lower blood pressure. It reduces stress hormone levels. It h (MORE)