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Can you have a humpback whale?

it is possible to have a humpback whale if you owned an ocean. itsnot scientificly possible to own a humpback whale.
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Why is the humpback endangered?

the number of humpback whales is reducing because not only of hunting but fishermen are catching the shrimp that the whales would normally eat. there is also pollution and cli ( Full Answer )
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What is a humpback whale?

The humpback whale is a species of baleen whale, adults range inlength from 12-16 meters and weigh approximately 36,000 kilograms.Adult males "sing" during mating.
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Does a humpback have teeth?

Humpback whales are a species of baleen whale, meaning that they do not have teeth; rather, they have baleen plates that they use to filter seawater and extract small prey ani ( Full Answer )
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What eats the humpback?

Adult humpback whales don't have any natural predators. However, pods of killer whales do hunt humpback calves. Although most countries banned whaling, the Eskimo and the Japa ( Full Answer )
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Is it Humpback Whale or humpback whale?

Humpback Whale that looks nice and neat NOT humpback whale! Common names should not be capitalized, italicized or underlined. So: The humpback whale breached. NOT: The Hu ( Full Answer )
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Why Neanderthals humpback?

Because that's what they liked! No, seriously they were not hunchbacked, they stood upright. It is a common misconception because of a famous fossil found of a single humpback ( Full Answer )
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How can Humpbacks be protected?

The best way to effectively see our humpbacks (and other marine life) protected is through education. Aquariums, schools, tours such as whale watching, can all increase awaren ( Full Answer )
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Where do the humpbacks live?

Humpback Whales are a species of Baleen whale. They have a very distinctive shape, having extra long pectoral fins and bobbled head. Despite being one of the larger whales it ( Full Answer )
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How did humpbacks get their name?

because they got something that sort of looks like a hump andsomeone called them that and it stuck.