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Is the humpback whale the third largest whale?

No, the humpback is the fifth largest. Largest is the blue at 90 plus, finback is next to 82', right whale to 60' and sperm to 60' approximately. This information may change (MORE)

Why are humpback whales endangered?

I think they are endangered because people are illegally huntingwhales and that most of them have been killed because of that. . Answer . The biggest threat to humpback wha (MORE)

What do Humpback whales eat?

Humpback whales eat different things as of krill, plankton, and avariety of small fish. Humpback Whale: Hunting Technique The Humpback Whales eat plankton and small fish. T (MORE)

Why are humpback whales called humpack whales?

The name came from the whalers. They saw that these whales had a large sloping of skin, tissue, and blubber in front of their dorsal fins giving them an exaggerated 'hump' on (MORE)

Do humpback whales eat other whales?

No. Humpback whales only eat krill, small fish, etc. Basically, they only eat animals that are much smaller than they are. Humpbacks are baleen whales, filter feeders. They do (MORE)

Are Humpback whales and Blue whales the same?

No. Humpback whales are much smaller than blue whales although they are both very large. The humpback whale has longer and bigger fins than the blue whale, however.
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The covering of a humpback whale?

  You would need a really big blanket to cover a whale. Here is a link to information about whales. A whale is covered in a layer of 'blubber', a fat and flesh composite p (MORE)