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How humus is formed?

Humus is formed when organic material (such as leaves , dead animals etc) is disgraded by a combination of fungi,bacteria,microbes and other animals((earthworms for example) t (MORE)

What is humus?

Humus is decayed organic matter in the topsoil of mature soils. Humus helps the soil to hold water better, by providing nutrients, and by keeping the soil from getting packed (MORE)

Which has more humus topsoil or subsoil?

Topsoil has more humus.
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What is a humus?

  A dark colored stable form of organic matter that reamains after most of plant or animals residues have decomposed.
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What is the difference between loam and humus?

HUMUS IS A DARK-COLORED,MINERAL SUBSTANCE THAT DEVELOPS AS DEAD PLANTS AND ANIMALS.loam is soil with a crumbly texture that is made of equal parts of clay,sand,and silt.
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Which horizon contains the most humus?

  soils have different layers present in it as the depth increases. These layers are called horizons. Humus as we all know is present in the top layer of the soil,which is (MORE)
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Is 'humu-humu-nuku-nuku-apu-a--a' a Hawaiian fish?

It is the Trigger fish also known as the Humu Humu Nuku Nuku Apu'a a - the state fish of Hawaii. when translated it is some thing like 'the tiger fish with the nose like a pi (MORE)

What is the definition of humus?

I don't know which definition your looking so I will give you both: (1) a dark-brown organic component of soil that is derived from decomposed plant and animal remains and ani (MORE)

Who does humus provide food and shelter for?

Whoever have a difficult obstacles if they are hungry an worried  constantly about where they will sleep.
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