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What is hunan?

\n. \nHunan is a region of China and Hunan restaurants feature food from that area.
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What is hunan shrimp?

Hunan shrimp is a spicy shrimp dish. The shrimp is stir fried withvegetables and seasonings. It can be served as is, or over rice.
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How many hunans are in the world?

I dont know how many hunans there are but heres how many humans that populate this earth... The world population is the total number of living humans on Earth at a given t ( Full Answer )
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What is in hunan chicken?

Hunan chicken is a type of sweet and spicy Chinese chicken dish. Itis made of chicken, rice wine vinegar, various spices, and ginger.
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What is hunan sauce?

Hunan sauce is a type of sauce that is used in Asian dishes. Hunansauce is spicy and is mostly used for stir-fry.
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What is the best Hotel in Hunan?

how about this one which i had stayed at .Very comfortable happy! The hotel';s swimming pool the best, though small, water is very clean, because our 9 o';clock in the mornin ( Full Answer )
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Where in the world is Hunan located?

Hunan is a province in the People's Republic of China. It is located in the south central part of the country, south of the Yangtze River and Lake Dongling. The name Hunan t ( Full Answer )
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How do you cook hunan beef?

Technique for the beef :You would partially freeze the beeffirst. This makes it a little stiff so it is easier to cut intothin pieces. You would slice the beef to about 1 1/2 ( Full Answer )
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What is in hunan shrimp?

Hunan is a province in south-eastern China known for spicy food. "Hunan shrimp" refers to a specific way of cooking shrimp. Or itcan also refer to a range of different rice a ( Full Answer )