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Famous Hungarian Americans?

Joe Namath,Bela Lugosi,Tony and Jamie Lee Curtis,Gene Simmonds,Pulitzer,Drew Barrymore,Maritza Hargitay,Gov.Pataki, Kossuth,Kiss,the inventor of ExLax,numerous Generals(Founde (MORE)

Are hungarians only to marry hungarians?

Definitely not. There are lots of mixed marriages of different kinds: Hungarian man with foreign wife or vica versa, and the parties can be both from the Eastern or Western wo (MORE)
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Why are Hungarians racist?

They are not racist (mostly) just the foreign media makin these "news" bigger than they are.....

What is an Austro-Hungarian?

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, also known as Austria-Hungary, Dual Monarchy or k.u.k. Monarchy or Dual State, was a dual-monarchic union state in Central Europe from 1867 to 191 (MORE)

What is Hungarian paprika?

Hungarian paprika, like all paprika, is ground into powder from dried pimento peppers. However, Hungarian paprika is generally made from a spicier variety of pimento than say (MORE)

What is a Hungarian viszla?

This is a pedigree dog, it is most common to be brown and in old age may grow a *beard*.  These dogs live on average 14 years, and are excellent gun dogs, good for first tim (MORE)

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