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Is the Communist Party illegal?

Yes, in any countries that are not communist countries, the communist party is illegal in those countries because their laws banned the communist party to protect people. More (MORE)

What is communist party?

The Communist party is a type of government where the government  decides what a person is going to do for a living. The government  also dictates how a person lives their l (MORE)

Who was the leader of the Communist Party?

You have to be more precise about the time period. Karl Marx was  the original leader of the Communist party. That is why it is  sometimes called Marxism. Lenin led the Comm (MORE)

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Why did Hungarians dislike communist?

In 1956 Hungarians were led by a hard-line Communist called Mátyás Rákosi. Hungarians hated the restrictions which Rákosi's Communism imposed on them. Hungarians lost thei (MORE)