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Famous Hungarian Americans?

Joe Namath,Bela Lugosi,Tony and Jamie Lee Curtis,Gene Simmonds,Pulitzer,Drew Barrymore,Maritza Hargitay,Gov.Pataki, Kossuth,Kiss,the inventor of ExLax,numerous Generals(Founde (MORE)

Who is the Hungarian painter Parisini?

I recently purchased a painting by this very artist and there was a biography attached to the back. It is typed on old, faded paper and this is what I can figure it to say: (MORE)

Are hungarians only to marry hungarians?

Definitely not. There are lots of mixed marriages of different kinds: Hungarian man with foreign wife or vica versa, and the parties can be both from the Eastern or Western wo (MORE)

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What is Hungarian paprika?

Hungarian paprika, like all paprika, is ground into powder from dried pimento peppers. However, Hungarian paprika is generally made from a spicier variety of pimento than say (MORE)

What ended the Austria-Hungarian Empire?

What ended the Austrian/Hungarian Emprie was their Massive defeat by Russia in World War One. With the defeat it lead to a crippling econimic status, and a lack of basic milli (MORE)
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What language group does Hungarian belong to?

Hungarian is a Finno-Ugric language. It is related to Finnish,  Estonian, Karelian, and the Saami languages, among others. It is  mainly spoken in Hungary (9-10 million peop (MORE)

Are Hungarian vizslas good with cats?

I would say it all depends on what they grow up with. Personally, my viszla is scared to death of our stable (barn) cats. We have an old "ma" cat that will follow him with her (MORE)
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What Hungarian kids eat at school?

Kids that attend schools in Hungary have self service cafeterias and serve themselves. Hungarian kids have a wide variety of things on the menu including lasagna, potatoes wit (MORE)