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What is hurricane tumor?

The hurricane tumour is a malignancy that kills in a matter of weeks. It is usually a trophoblastic testicular teratoma.
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What are the benefits of a hurricane?

Although tropical cyclones can take an enormous toll on lives and personal property, they can also be important factors in the precipitation regimes of the places they affect (MORE)

What category of hurricane was Hurricane Rita?

Category 5. 'Rita was the seventeenth named storm, tenth hurricane, fifth major hurricane, and third Category 5 hurricane of the historic 2005 Atlantic hurricane season.' (f (MORE)

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What hurricane came after Hurricane Andrew?

Well If your asking what hurricane came after Andrew in 1992 then the answer is Hurricane Bonnie which didn't affect anyone. Now if your asking what other hurricane hit Miami (MORE)

What do you do in a hurricane?

you keep calm .   Seek shelter well in advance of the hurricane's arrival, preferably well away from the shore line.
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Why do hurricanes exist?

Hurricane are large low pressure systems that form over warm water.  They receive their energy from water vapor. Hurricane always head  pole-ward in its path bringing the wa (MORE)

What you do if there is a hurricane warning?

Like any other emergency situations, you need to be prepared in case of an emergency. In advance: Buy flashlights and extra batteries.Replace batteries regularly. Buy canned (MORE)