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How do you find out if your husband has a will?

If your husband is still living then you must ask him. If he is deceased and you don't know if he had a will then see the related question link provided below for some ideas o (MORE)

What do you do if your husband cheats on you?

Well, you can either dump him, or if he is remorse, and is TRULY sorry and you know it, give a second thought about him before you do something rational. ESPECIALLY if you hav (MORE)

What can you do about your husband?

  You can fuss, moan, gripe and complain about him and to him.. Chances are, it won't do any good. Or you can figure out what problems you have with him and work with him (MORE)
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Who was friggs husband?

In norse mythology, Frigg is Odin's wife and they live in the god city of Asgard. They had two children together- Balder and Hod.
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What did your husband do?

Husbands can do many things. Some may work in construction while others are financial planners or surgeons. What your husband does for a living can dictate the quality of life (MORE)

Who is Demeter's husband?

Demeter never married and therefore does not have a real husband. She did have children, such as Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld and goddess of springtime (by Zeus).
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Does my husband love me?

That's a tough question. Presumably, yes, or he wouldn't have  married you. And, contrary to some popular opinion, love doesn't  just disappear one day. It can change over t (MORE)

Does sugarland have a husband?

Sugarland is composed of two people, Jennifer Nettles and Kristan Bush. Kristan is married and has two kids. Jennifer is divorced and doesn't have any children.
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