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Where did four corner hustler crips start at?

The Four Corner Hustler Crips was founded in , Four Corners,LAKE ELSINORE California in 1989 by Playa Jay,Big Slim,Ace,and a very known crip by the name of Shorty Locc. The vi (MORE)
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What is the golf hustlers secret?

The hustlers secret is a way for average players to enjoy the game more. It is not legal in tournament play however. All it involves is rubbing vaseline or a like based prod (MORE)

50 Cent To Star In His Own FOX Comedy Series

50 Cent could be coming to a television set near you.50 Cent, a Queens, New York bred street hustler-turned-rapper-turned-Forbes list regular, is a jack of all trades. To call (MORE)

The ten weirdest cameos in movie and TV history

Cameos are a mainstay of film and television. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars have done bit parts to lend of bit of sparkle for sharp-eyed viewers to notice. What makes a ca (MORE)

Top 10 Most Versatile Hollywood Stars

Woody Harrelson can flawlessly play a number of completely different roles and deliver an exceptional performance each time. He played a staggering drunk in "The Hunger Games, (MORE)

How does a photographer submit model photos to Hustler?

You'll more than likely have to email the editor or art director of the magazine. You can find the contact information if you have a hard copy of a Hustler Magazine or on the (MORE)
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Is kicks hustler real?

  I got my boots from them. delivery took about a 1 week. Great service and product.
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Where can one subscribe to Hustler magazine?

If someone wishes to subscribe to Hustler magazine there are a variety of different places where someone can do so. Some of these places are; Isubscribe, Hustler Magazine and (MORE)