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What is hvac trade?

HVAC stands for "heating, ventilating & air conditioning". These are the people who install and maintain your furnace and air conditioner and the ductwork associated with them (MORE)

How does HVAC work?

HVAC works with four major parts; The compressor, which is the heart of the system. An Evaporator, which abosorbs heat the form the structure. Third the condenser, which relea (MORE)

What is a HVAC tech?

There are a bunch of jobs you can qualify for with an HVAC certificate, including: . HVAC service technician . Entry-level installer . Installation assistant . Sheet met (MORE)

What is the hvac?

HVAC is the heating ventilation and air conditioning system that provide man and animal to comfort air
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What is a HVAC leak?

It could be several things. duct system leaking meaning air is leaking from the connection points of the sheet metal that distributes the air throughout your home. Or it could (MORE)
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Where is the hvac plenum?

A plenum is the ducting both prior to and after the furnace or /AC coil if the system has AC as well. It is often sheet metal, however today they may be made from duct board a (MORE)
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What is CFC in HVAC?

CFC is Cloroflurocarbon and it refers to the Clourine, Flourine, and Carbon that are present in Freons such as R12. Most home AC units use R22, which is a HCFC, that is HyrdoC (MORE)