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What is hybridization?

Hybridization is the crossing of dissimilar individuals toproduce best of both organisms. One advantage of hybridization isthat it can combine disease resistance of one organ ( Full Answer )
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What is a hybrid?

A hybrid is a mix of two things to form one. Usually, the goal of ahybrid is to gain some advantage that neither of the two originalscould achieve alone. The term hybrid can b ( Full Answer )
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What is Plant hybridization?

Plant hybridization is the process of creating plant hybrids, oftenas new species of plants. This is done by crossing genetics fromtwo different types or species of plants and ( Full Answer )
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Which hybrid is for you?

The only way to find any golf club for you is to use a wide variety, get on a launch monitor or hit them on a range, check the flight, how staight you hit it, distance and fee ( Full Answer )
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What is hybridation?

It's when whole nation goes to hybrid cars... :D... jk...... Hybridization is when electrons become exicted and change into a mix of orbitals, which is then called like an ( Full Answer )
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What is hybridism?

A hybrid is the result of a fertile cross breeding between different species. A mule is a hybrid and an example of cross breeding a horse and a donkey.
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What is a hybrid bridge?

A hybrid bridge is a device with four branchesthat are systematically arranged in a way that input signal isequally divided between the adjacent branches. These are also known ( Full Answer )
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How do you get hybridization?

Mixing desirable traits in one purebred plant with another one purebred plant that has another desirable trait. The result is a hybrid. For example: in animals, a cross betwee ( Full Answer )
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Are you hybrids?

no humans are not hybrids. because we are not combined with something else, and just cause your mom and dad made you it doesn't make us hybrids.
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Why do you have hybrids?

To get features of two creatures into one, an example is the mule, which is a cross between a donkey and a horse, by combining the horses strength and with the donkeys compact ( Full Answer )