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Is hybrid electricity renewable or nonrenewable?

Hybrid electricity produced in a hybrid car like a Prius is generated from a small gasoline motor. When you use any electricity to run a motor you use it up. It is not renew (MORE)

Advantages of hybrid over electric car?

One advantage MAINLY is more distance to the tank. With electric cars you can only travel short distances. As for Hybrids, they have more to them than just electricity power. (MORE)

What are the short-comings of hybrid vehicle engines?

One negative impact is the false belief that these autos are doing something good for the environment. Some models are more cost effective and use less gas then conventional a (MORE)

How does hybrid electricity work?

there is no such thing as "hybrid electricity" per se. electricity is just electricity and that's it. a hybrid vehicle uses both electrical and some other form of power to w (MORE)

What is the Need of hybrid vehicles?

Most important which everybody knows, is its environmental  advantage -it increase health for nature and human being. Hybrid  vehicles are easy to drive. It works best in th (MORE)

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What happened to the US push for more hybrid vehicles?

I have had Honda Civic and Honda Insight hybrids and think they are  wonderful and will continue buying hybrids. They have the same  performance as any other car but you hav (MORE)