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What is a hydride?

\n. \n H - \n. \n. \nA compound of hydrogen with another, more electropositive element. Typically, the elements in Group 1 or Group 2 of the periodic table will form ( Full Answer )
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What is hydride?

A compound containing hydrogen with a more electropositive element. Often these conatin the hydride H - ion.
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What is hydridization?

Hybridization is the process of mating two different species ofanimals to make a hybrid animal. It can also be done with DNA.
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What is nitrogen hydride?

Nitrogen hydride is a compound made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. There are 9 types of nitrogen hydride: Ammonia, Azane, Diazene, Hydrazine, Hydrozoic acid, Pentazole, Tetrazen ( Full Answer )
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What is an ionic hydride?

Ionic hydrides contain H - anion. Examples include, LiH, NaH, KH, MgH 2 , CaH 2
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WHAT IS sodium hydride?

Sodium Hydride is a strong base/alkali. It is an inorganic salt comprising of positively charged sodium ions, and negatively charged hydride (hydrogen) ions: Na + H - . It is ( Full Answer )
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What is hydride gap?

The metals of 7th, 8th and 9th groups in the periodic table do not form hydrides and this region of periodic table is referred to as the hydride gap.
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How do you classify hydrides?

There are three types of hydride: saline, metallic and covalent (there are alternative names for the types of hydride, but these are most common). Saline hydrides have crysta ( Full Answer )
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What is covalent hydride?

Covalent hydrides are all the other compounds of hydrogen wher hydrogen is covalently bonded- typiccally sharing an electron pair as in CH 4 (methane) which could be called c ( Full Answer )
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What are complex hydrides?

Complex metal hydrides are hydrides containing in the molecule two cations - as LiAlH 4 .